– a sad song in happy tunes

I want to live on Spotify
Where I can sing until I die
Along with all my singing friends
On whom nobody money spends

We left this old BitTorrent site
Our goal: a future to unite
Where music streams as if it’s air
On who’s behalf, we didn’t care

They told us everything was new
They promised cash for every view
Turned out there was no video
So all we sang was: no no no!

It turned into a lonely place
There was no singer with a face
And no artist earned a dime
So each new song became a crime

Ruben van Gogh

Ruben van Gogh, who used to call himself The Man of Language, is a performing poet, anthologist and host. His poetry has taken him from stages all over Holland to the far corners of Europe – Albania, among others, Asia and South-Africa.
His voice is unique within Dutch poetry, combining clarity and wit with metaphysical aspirations. His work is available in the collection Aan het eind van het begin (At the End of the Beginning, 2001) and Zoekmachines (Search Engines, 2002). In 2006, his collection Klein Oera Linda (Oera Linda Minor) appeared, a collection in experimental lay-out reflecting contemporary society and culture.
In Italy a collection of his work was published in 2006, l’Homo Lingua.
Van Gogh has been very active in the 21st century, all over the world: he contributed to the Taipei International Poetry Festival in Taiwan, Dichter aan Huis in The Hague and the Stockholms Poesifestival. He performed on stages in Milan, Biddinghuizen (Lowlands Festival), Capetown, Madrid, Sarajevo and Shanghai. He hosted at the Rotterdam Poetry International and The Hague Winternachten.
For Yo! Opera Festival he wrote two libretti for so-called ‘Bus Opera’s’, as well as an ode to water. And for Dario Fo (Westland – Greenhouse aria) he wrote two musicals and two operas.
In 2010 he performed at the Dutch Cultural Center, during the World Expo in Shanghai, in a multi-media show with the Dutch Barqoque Society and the Utrecht band C-Mon & Kypski.
Translations of his work are avaible in the English, French, Swedish, Italian, German, Albanian, Spanish and Chinese language.